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10 Tips for Your Best Stroke Recovery

Strokes occur in more than 795,000 people in the United States each year, killing about 130,000. Survivors have an increased risk for long-term disability and face challenges completing daily activities.

Rehabilitation is a crucial component of care following a stroke. At top stroke centers some form of rehabilitation begins virtually immediately after a patient is admitted to the hospital — to get them on the right path to the best possible outcomes.

However, there are several things patients can do to ensure they are maximizing their recovery starting the second they suspect a stroke. Here are 10 tips:
  1. Seek urgent care immediately.

  2. Keep your medical information handy.

  3. Choose a top care center for your rehabilitation.

  4. Eat well.

  5. Compliance is key.

  6. Exercise, but within your limits.

  7. Limit stress.

  8. Stay positive.

  9. Do your homework.

  10. Stay vigilant.
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